Top 10: Golf Courses I have played...

I love top 10 lists, so I decided to make my own. Golf is unique, as the playing fields are never the same. Here is a list of the top 10 golf courses I have played before 2013. It might seem bias to some, as many of them are in my home province, and it is a bit bias as the scores I have on these courses have indeed influenced my list. I prefer playing golf along the coast and only three courses at altitude made my list. There are some courses that should be on this list, but perhaps I haven't played them yet.



#10   Umdoni Park Golf Club

Location:   Pennington, KZN, South Africa

Reason: It's a hidden gem, surrounded by sub-tropical forests. I always return and the greens are great.

Likes: The sea views and the wildlife makes it a peaceful outing. Friendly staff. Best value in KZN.

Dislikes: The course is narrow in places and the wind can kill your round. Some of the steep hills.

Image: The short, but tricky par 4 11th, what great views...

#09   Southbroom Golf Club

Location:   Southbroom, KZN, South Africa

Reason: I love this course as it flatters the scorecard. The par 3 4th hole is literally on the beach.

Likes: The quirky holes and the variety of trees. The short par fives. The food at halfway.

Dislikes: The long walks between some holes. Out-of-bounds on majority of the holes.

Image: Yes, that is a palm tree on the ninth green...

#08   Humewood Golf Club

Location:   Port Elizabeth, EC, South Africa

Reason: There is a lot of history on these grounds. One of the few genuine links courses in South Africa.

Likes: Some of the quirky bunkering. The strategic holes that challenges every golfer.

Dislikes: The wind always blows in this city. Unlucky bounces, but that's the nature of the links game.

Image: The par 5 15th hole is set in the sand dunes...

#07   Pecanwood Country Club

Location:   Hartebeespoort, NW, South Africa

Reason: It was the first course designed by Jack Nicklaus in South Africa.

Likes: The course is very fun to play and in great condition. There are many bunkers at Pecanwood.

Dislikes: The monotonous housing that surrounds the course. The Hartebeespoort Dam isn't clean.

Image: The par 3 8th hole, surrounded by sand...

#06   Glendower Golf Club

Location:   Johannesburg, GAU, South Africa

Reason: This is one of the best courses away from the coast. My score contributes to the reason.

Likes: The beautiful river lined with willow trees that runs through the property. Great layout.

Dislikes: The traffic on the course. The atmosphere feels a bit rushed.

Image: The par 3 third hole, don't go left...

#05   Zimbali Coastal Resort

Location:   Ballito, KZN, South Africa

Reason: It's an award winning course and didn't dissappoint. There is enough space in windy conditions.

Likes: The eco-factor. The housing doesn't intrude on the round. The greens are great. GPS.

Dislikes: The cart only policy. I prefer to walk on a golf course. Wet bunkers near some dams.

Image: The second hole is a stunning par 4...

#04   Wild Coast Sun Coutry Club

Location:   Port Edward, KZN, South Africa

Reason: Robert Trent Jones Jr. designed it. The dramatic landscape of the property. My hole-in-one.

Likes: The caddies have great personality. The course designer pulled off an ambitious project.

Dislikes: The first time score. There are six par 3's. A course one needs to get used to.

Image: The 16th has many hazards to avoid...

#03   Durban Country Club

Location:   Durban, KZN, South Africa

Reason: This is the most celebrated venue in South African golf. I got to spend a week working here.

Likes: The final score is never great, but over the years I remember all the moments that were great.

Dislikes: The difficulty of this course can demoralize most golfers. No room for error in windy conditions.

Image: The second hole of a brilliant opening stretch...

#02   George Golf Club

Location:   George, WC, South Africa

Reason: It is the oldest Garden Route course. One of the most scenic South African courses.

Likes: The mature trees. The lake area and the botanical feel of the course. Great condition.

Dislikes: Your shot-making needs to be accurate. Some sidehill slopes seem to be unfair.

Image: The scenic closing hole...

#01   Serengeti Golf Club

Location:   Kempton Park, GAU, South Africa

Reason: Jack Nicklaus did a great job designing this beauty. It was a graduation gift to play here.

Likes: The greenest course in the winter time. There are many strategic options given to the golfer.

Dislikes: The proximity to the O.R. Tambo International Airport. Some greens have very difficult slopes.

Image: Some of the inward nine holes...

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Comments (9)

  1. katbrennan

    I think my parents are members of a country club ( but I know my dad would love something like this. Golf is one of his favorite things.

    January 21, 2014
  2. knightejason

    My grandpa was a member of a country club for a long time. He used to live right next to a country club down in Las Vegas so he would go over there all of the time. He tried to get me into golf back then, but I didn’t take to it. I just wish that I had because he is not around anymore and golf sounds like a nice way to relax.


    April 19, 2014
  3. pamfreeman22

    I love golfing! Some of the courses I’ve been to have been nice. I really enjoy being out early before the sun.

    August 13, 2014
  4. pauloherman78

    I appreciate the information about your favorite golf courses. I live in an apartment complex next to a golf course. I love going golfing there with my work buddies. It’s the only place I go golfing though, so I’m looking for other golf courses to golf at.

    September 03, 2014
  5. georgejefferson

    I go golfing with my dad and brothers probably 3 or 4 times each year. Most of us aren’t very good at it but its still really fun to go and mess with each other. Apparently I have a really goofy looking swing, not quite like Charles Barkley though. I think golfing is a really great way to bond with people especially when you’re all getting older and less mobile.

    October 10, 2014
  6. geraldvonberger

    Some of those look really amazing! I find it so relaxing to be out on the golf course in the morning. It just feels nice. Of course, it would be more relaxing if I wasn’t so bad at golfing. I really should get lessons.

    October 15, 2014
  7. kurtcooksalot16

    Looking at these courses and hearing your experiences makes me want to go out to them! Once I have the money to do so, I will be on the green more often. Well, right now it is more so in the rough than on the green haha!

    December 01, 2014
  8. lould1941

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    December 20, 2016