My golf swing.


So this is a video of my ever-changing golf swing. I wouldn't call this a classical Hogan-like swing, but I enjoy looking at my own swing. The problem is clear. The pace of the swing is beyond the speed of light. If I could play enough golf I would try and slow it down. Shots are lost near the end of a decent round, because the closer we get to the 19th the faster it becomes. I am proud to claim two hole-in-ones. Needless to say both were boomerang-like draws (bordering near hooks) aimed right of the respective greens. The trick to this swing is to gauge the amount of draw about to be generated and grip the club lower based on the results of the previous holes.


I haven't even mentioned the stance. the stance is different for every shot. Not much attention is given toward that aspect of this improvisation of a golf swing. I would like to analyse my swing as much as possible, but to fully explain it would just confuse those who are interested in understanding it. The owner of the swing is the only one who will truly understand how it works. I will admit it isn't the worst swing out there, but there isn't any beauty being displayed. If I could steal another golfers swing, I would have to take Louis Oosthuisen's. He shot 15 under par (57) twice as an amateur at Mosselbay Golf Club.


Anyway. That is my first blog about something somewhat important to me...

Happy golfing to those who waste their time reading this. :P

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